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LIZZA ROBB coaching & consulting

Sarah Medary, City Manager, City of Eugene, OR

I’ve worked with more consultants than I can remember and Lizza stands out as the best of the best. She’s not really a consultant, she’s a remarkably gifted leadership development professional who will see you and get you in a very short amount of time. Her ability to explore the depths of human experience at an individual and team level is unparalleled. In my 28 year career, she is the first person that allowed me to see parts of myself I needed to heal and grow and helped me see so many paths to success that failure has never even felt like an option. I’ve worked with her individually, with teams and across our entire organization. In all of that work, she has delivered on every promise and deadline with work that has consistently exceeded my expectations. She’s authentic, present, flexible and fun. I’m grateful for her and her work every day. 

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